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NJ Family Care

  What is NJ Family Care
  Who Can Qualify
    -Income Limits
  What Is Covered
  Pregnancy Coverage
  Emergency Program
    for Aliens
  Retroactive Eligibility
  Can You Have Other
    Health Coverage?
  When Coverage Starts

Medicaid Coverage

  What is Medicaid

NJ Medicaid Provider




HMO Choices

  Selecting an HMO



Healthfirst NJ
Horizon NJ Health

United Healthcare


Filing for NJ FamilyCare

  Application Forms
  How To Apply
  Questions & Answers
  Information for Aliens
How to Obtain Birth
    & Other Records

Certificates of Coverage

  How to Obtain One

More Family Health Care Programs

  Breast & Cervical
    Cancer Program
  Catastrophic Illness in
    Children Relief Fund
  Health Centers
  WIC Nutrition

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  About Us

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  You donít need health insurance to get care at a Center for Primary Health Care. These centers serve the uninsured and underinsured, as well as patients with Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance.


to the


∑  Learn more about the NJ FamilyCare program;  who can qualify, what are the eligibility requirements, services provided and how to apply.
∑  Find out about other Medicaid and health programs. 
∑  Download the NJ FamilyCare application, HMO Selection Form and other forms in English or Spanish in Adobe Acrobat format.
∑  If you've already selected an HMO and wish to change your plan, you can download and complete the forms to change your plan.
∑  Locate a Primary Care Physician, Dentist, Pharmacy or Vision Care Center.  Check to see which hospitals participate in an HMO plan. 
∑  Obtain lists of Specialists and Specialty Centers that participate in each HMO plan (all plans require that you receive a referral from your Primary Care Physician before seeing most Specialists. 
∑  Check with your HMO or call your Primary Care Physician.)

WIC Program

No health insurance?
Centers for Primary Health Care
Breast & Cervical Cancer Medicaid Program
Medicaid for
Information for

Health Access
Guide for Aliens













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